Alaincab other details
  • Seeking:
    Friends with Benefits
  • Eye Color:
  • Ethnicity:
    Middle Eastern
  • Marital Status:
  • Do you have Children?:
  • Body Type:
    A Few Extra Pounds
  • How often do you smoke or chew tobaccco?:
  • How often do you drink alcohol?:
  • Hair Color:
  • What do you do for a living?:
    Run an ESL school - teach English
  • Education:
  • What type of concert goer are you?:
    It doesn't matter, as long as I'm in
  • How many concerts do you attend annually?:
  • How many festivals do you attend annually?:
  • What type of musical events do you prefer?:
    A one day festival
  • List some of your favorite musicians/bands.:
    Grateful dead, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Bob Dylan, rolling stones,
  • List some of your favorite musical events.:
    Touring with dead, benefit concerts,
  • What are your long term aspirations?:
    Not sure I have any. Live long, be happy, stay healthy
  • What would you consider a nice first date?:
    Meeting for a coffee/drink, having a smoke, going to a show/movie/theater, dinner
  • How did you hear about GratefulDates?:
    A friend
  • About Me:
    Am a 53 year-old Deadhead tour alum. Been in Boston 10 years. Used to live in Bay Area but left for work. Have lived and worked in Europe and Middle East and love travelling. Love music, mainly classic rock but some jazz and R&B too. Love to dance to the right music. If the music's right it moves me!
  • My Interests:
    Cards, music, soccer,
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