Current Status : Open to everything!

birdphoenix other details
  • Seeking:
    Serious Relationship
  • Eye Color:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Marital Status:
  • Do you have Children?:
  • Body Type:
    A Few Extra Pounds
  • How often do you smoke or chew tobaccco?:
  • How often do you drink alcohol?:
  • Hair Color:
  • What do you do for a living?:
    Embodiment of the living Goddess; professional hippie; PhD student
  • Education:
  • What type of concert goer are you?:
    It doesn't matter, as long as I'm in
  • How many concerts do you attend annually?:
    More than 20
  • How many festivals do you attend annually?:
    More than 10
  • What type of musical events do you prefer?:
    A typical concert
  • List some of your favorite musicians/bands.:
    Grateful Dead Dead and Company all psychedelia Yes, Pink Floyd, & all art rock Eno, Roxy Music, King Crimson Punk!!!
  • List some of your favorite musical events.:
    Every Dead show I've ever been to...
  • What are your long term aspirations?:
    World travel, settling down, hot springs, leading the next generations...
  • What would you consider a nice first date?:
    Surprise me. I'm into epic.
  • How did you hear about GratefulDates?:
    A fellow Deadhead
  • About Me:
    About me -- I am moving out of the music industry, and trying to figure out what I want to do next.

    I love swimming, fishing, walking in nature, travel, gardening, reading, cooking, sewing, giving and attending dinner parties, and especially all the arts: music, visual art, theatre, dance, literature, museums, etc. Although I have many traditional, old-fashioned values, I am also a bit of a hippie, in a nice way (I grew up in the Sixties & Seventies.)

    I like healthy food cooked well; I grow a lot of my own vegetables. Seafood in any style is a particular favorite.

    I am spiritually very open-minded; I attend a few different houses of worship (mainly for friendship and music), but my personal beliefs don't fit into any particular one faith. The Dead is pretty much my religion.

    I want to travel around the world more, and learn more languages.
  • My Interests:
    Grateful Dead, changing the world...
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